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Integrated Early Help Strategy

Early Help refers both to

  • Help in the early years of a child’s life. This is when the important building blocks of a child’s future development are laid and also
  • Help throughout a child’s, young person’s and family’s life. This is to help as soon as possible when there is a problem. The aim here is to stop the problem from growing or becoming a long term problem.

In Liverpool we have an ‘Integrated Early Help Strategy’. This is a ‘starting point’ to look at how Early Help can improve life chances, particularly for families with complex and multiple difficulties. The purpose of the strategy is to make sure that families receive accessible co-ordinated Early Help when they need it.

Early Help will happen in a number of ways.

  • This includes universal preventative approaches where support is provided to everyone to stop problems from developing.
  • It will also include targeted interventions. These are offered to particular children, young people and families who are having problems. The aim for these is to reduce the problems that have started to emerge and to prevent problems from growing.