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Personal Health Budget

personal health budget gives children, young people, parents and carers the maximum choice and control over how they access their care and support.

The following groups of people are entitled to have a personal health budget

  • Children and young people receiving Continuing Care - This will be a small number of children and young people who have complex needs and require support services that cannot be met by universal and targeted health services (all of which are part of the Local Offer).
  • Adults receiving NHS continuing healthcare
  • People who are referred and meet the eligibility criteria of their local wheelchair service and people who are already registered with the wheelchair service when they need a new wheelchair or specialist buggy, either because of a change in clinical needs or the condition of the current chair. These people will be eligible for a personal wheelchair budget
  • People with mental health problems who are eligible for section 117 after-care as a result of being detained under certain sections of the Mental Health Act (this does not include detention under section 2 of the Act)

For further information about Personal Health Budgets please look here: or

Requesting a Personal Health Budget

If you are receiving NHS Continuing Care or NHS Continuing Health Care and are interested in possibly having a Personal Health Budget, then first please speak to the professional who helps you most often with your care.