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Post-16 High Needs Funding

Further education settings (not including independent specialist colleges (ISCs)) are funded through 3 elements:

When a learner’s support needs total more than £6,000, the setting can apply to the local authority for high needs funding for learners with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The setting must complete an application form which will be reviewed on an individual basis by the local authority; this must be agreed before the young person starts. The Liverpool City Region (LCR) authorities have developed a standard set of documents for applying for top up funding; each authority will have their own processes for reviewing and agreeing funding. ISCs must also complete an application form to request funding. The forms can be found in the downloads section and below:

  • New application- for new learners or learners for which the setting hasn’t previously applied for top up funding
  • Renewal application- for learners for which the setting has previously applied for top up funding
  • Progress measures- for use with the Renewal application to RAG rate outcomes previously set
  • Schedule 5 (Impact Form) - to be completed by the setting when a learner leaves the setting or is no longer a high needs learner i.e. support needs equate to less than £6,000

Settings can apply for funding for young people aged 16-18; for young people aged 19+ they must have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) to be able to apply for top up funding. Settings should read the Operational Guidance before applying for high needs funding for a young person.

For the full suite of documents for settings please contact the High Needs Team-