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Thought the development of Liverpool Family Hubs we want to work closely with our families and young people to support the co-production of services by using experiences of the families that use them. What are our strengths and barriers, and how can we fix them.  

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Our aims

Our aim is to create community ownership and co-production by:

  • Families and young people act as champions and advocates for family hub services.
  • Families and young people are routinely involved in planning and directing their family hub service pathways and sources of support.


How will we do this?

We will work towards achieving this by creating panels of parents and carers, who will work alongside us and our services to create change and inform future commissioning and service planning.


  • Some resident and parent/carer engagement exercises are undertaken to ask families about their interest in using existing local services that fall within the scope of family hubs (for example statutory consultation on service re-design).
  • Families can submit feedback based on their experience of accessing and using family hub services by joining our Parent and Carer Panels.
  • Parent and Carer Panels, which focus on conception to children aged 2, are used to help shape early years services in family hub models in each locality. But we would like to hear of families of all age children if they feel they have a particular experience that we can support and improve on. Please contact Kaya Nash, Family Hub Coordinator – or Lisa Lunt, Parenting Coordinator
  • Families and young people co-design family hub services and programmes by being on relevant governance and partnership boards.
  • Families and young people participate in the delivery of family hub services or programmes (for example peer support programmes, mentoring programmes and volunteer-led programmes).


Your voice

We also have a particular focus on Seldom Heard groups across the city and ensure that those needing more targeted support are also having their needs met. By proactively and safely engaging seldom heard families and groups, such as (but not limited to) ethnic minority groups, fathers and male carers, armed forces families, families in rural areas, families with complex needs, families where children have SEND, families where children have a social worker, families where children may be experiencing or at risk of harm from outside the family home or network (for example peer abuse, online harm, child exploitation, criminal exploitation or violence) or where family members are experiencing physical or mental health issues. We welcome participation from seldom heard or underserved communities to gain experiences and create system change so that everything works much better for our children, young people and families across Liverpool.

Please help us by using your voice and family experience to shape the future of our services my getting in touch with us and we can tell you how you can meet up with our group and support services delivery.



Parent and carer panels

We launched our Parent and Carer Panels in Spellow Lane Library, where we came together with families and children to ask the question:

How was your experience of having a baby in Liverpool and what can be done differently?

We gained lots of fantastic information of really successful stories, and of gaps in services and what can be done for the future. This information has been shared with several services across the city, and we will continue to grow on this throughout the development of Family Hubs.