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Belle Vale, Hunts Cross and Mossley Hill Children's Centres are in the unique and privileged position of serving a thriving and diverse local community. We are continually evaluating and improving what we do to ensure that every child is ready for a life-time of learning and is equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and attributes to flourish in a rapidly expanding and complex world. Click 'View all services' above to find out what we offer.

What is a Children's Centre and how to access our services. 

A children's centre brings together a wide range of services for families from the antenatal stage to birth to five years. The centres create a one-stop shop within the community for parents/carers and their children. Any adult caring for a child under five can register and access services at any of the 12 children's centre across the city. This includes grandparents, fathers and foster carers. We also have ante natal sessions and supports too. 

By bringing together a range of services for children and families, from early education to health and family support, the centres will make it easier for parents to access services for their children and themselves and help more families benefit in the critical early years of their children's lives. 

Examples of Service provided by a Children's Centre include: 

Child and family health services e.g. ant natal and post natal support.

Family support e.g. advice and support with parenting skills, learning course etc.  

Links with jobcentre plus e.g. support in accessing training and employment. 

Services for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

All children's centres are fully inclusive  settings with support for children with special educational needs and disabilities and are committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all children. 

Activities will vary at each centre according to local community needs.


Belle Vale Children's Centre

Hedgefield Rd


L25 2RW

Telephone: 0151 233 1705


Hunts Cross Children's Centre

Kingsthorne Road


L25 0PJ

Tel: 01512333733


Church and Mossley Hill Children's Centre

Dovedale Primary School

Herondale Road


L18 1JX

Tel: 07849300061