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This section gives you more information on some of the different ways you can get support, try to resolve any disagreements you might have and, if necessary, make a complaint.

The options to select are:

Information, Advice and Support Service

The Information, Advice and Support Service for Liverpool (currently known as Parent Partnership Service) provides a range of information, advice and support both for parents of children and young people with special educational needs or a disability and for children and young people themselves, including help thorugh the education, health and care assessment process.

There is also more information through this category for the Independent Supporters who can also provide support throughout the education, health and care assessment process.

Support Groups, Voluntary and Private Sector Organisations

Do you want to be able to speak to other parents who have been in the same situation as you? Or find a support group that is centred around your or your child’s needs? You will find details of different support groups in this section. There are also details of voluntary and private sector organisations that may be able to provide you with further support.

Mediation and Disagreement Resolution

Many concerns are resolved by conversations or meetings with the other people involved. Sometimes however, a more formal meeting to discuss the issues can help move the situation on. Find out more in this section.


Find out more information in this section about appeals to the Tribunal in relation to Disability Discrimination or the Education, Health and Care Plan, as well as school admission and exclusion appeals.

Making a Complaint

The different ways to make a complaint are set out in this section. You may wish to make a complaint if you have already tried talking and meeting to resolve your concerns.

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