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Changing Lives in Liverpool

The Independent Travel Training Team has been successfully operating for a number of years but has recently expanded to provide a comprehensive service across the city.  It equips young people with a set of skills to enable them to travel independently to and from school, college or supported internships.  The Independent Travel Training Team recently featured in a local business magazine ‘Switch On’ which is produced by CE3 Enterprises, a Charity in the Community.   CE3 Enterprises motivates, develops and empowers innovatively to provide a platform for individuals and businesses to succeed.

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Celebrating Success

Each year the team hold an annual celebration event, where students who have successfully completed the travel training and/or Open Awards Qualification in Skills for Travelling Independently are invited with their families to celebrate their achievements and be presented with their certificates.

The 2018 celebration event was held at Liverpool Town Hall in June to celebrate the achievements of the young people who had successfully completed the programme and/or the Open Awards Certificate for Travelling Independently.  Invitations were sent to families, school staff and representatives from other colleagues and partner agencies.  Councillor Barbara Murray presented the young people with their certificates.


Independent Travel Training Awards 2018 from ImagePlay on Vimeo.


The Independent Travel Training (ITT) service offers children and young people who have Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) a set of essential skills, enabling them to travel independently to and from school and college.  

It is open to young people aged 18 years (by the 31st August) and under who are eligible for SEN Transport.  This service promotes independence, increases confidence, improves social skills and opens up routes to further education, employment and leisure.  For young people or adults who are not eligible for the free service, there is an option to buy in the training, please click on following link ITT service leaflet.

Each personalised training programme is flexible to meet their needs and is authorised by parents/carers.  It will allow students to learn at their own individual pace.   Training/support is gradually phased out until the individual feels competent enough to carry out the journey from home to their place of education and return.


Independent Travel Training from Twin Vision on Vimeo.


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Liver Buildings Queens Square Arriva Bus Trainer Mica with pupils Assessment form Trainer Emma and Courtney walking in the street Trainer Mica and Michael in the bus station Courtney laughing Trainer Mica, Michael and his mother sitting around the kitchen table Michael boarding a bus Michael sitting on a bus Christopher at a bus stop Courtney boarding a bus Trainer Mica and parent Maria sitting on a sofa Christopher leaving home Catherine Kennedy Dr. Maurice Smith Trainer Phil and Christopher crossing the road Pupils sitting around desks looking up at trainer Emma Lisa Turner


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