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A Personal Budget is an allocation of funding identified by the Local Authority (and, where appropriate, the CCG) to provide support to meet all or some of the outcomes identified in an EHC Plan.  A Personal Budget will be provided in circumstances where it is assessed that the child or young person is eligible for additional funding* and it is agreed that the parent or young person is to be involved in securing that provision, taking into account the legal duties on the City Council and the CCG to ensure that the funding is spent appropriately.

*A Personal Budget can be made up of funding from education, health and social care. However, the scope of that budget will vary depending on the needs of the individual, the eligibility criteria for the different components and the mechanism for delivery. It will reflect local circumstances, commissioning arrangements and school preference.

Personal Budgets can be offered in a number of different ways:-

  • Direct payments - where individuals receive the cash to contract, purchase and manage services themselves;
  • An organised arrangement (sometimes referred to as a notional budget) where Liverpool City Council, Liverpool CCG, or the school or college holds the funding and commissions the support;
  • Third party arrangements/nominees – where funds (direct payments) are paid to and managed by an individual or another organisation on behalf of the parent/young person;
  • A combination of the above.

To find out more about personal budgets please see the Downloads section on this page. Here you can find our easy to read leaflets which have been co-produced with parents and young people; a flow chart on the process; as well as our Policy. 

For further information see Personal Budgets ‘Myth Busters’.

In certain circumstances you can ask for a personal health budget and/or a direct payment from social care without having an EHC plan. More information can be found by clicking on the Personal Health Budgets and the Disabled Children’s Service buttons under Related Services.

Our Personal Budget Policy is currently under review. Please contact if you require further information. 


Frequently asked questions

What is a Personal Budget?

A Personal Budget is an amount of funding identified to provide support to meet all or some of the outcomes identified in an Education Health & Care (EHC) plan. It can include funds from the local authority for education and social care and from the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for health.

When can I request a Personal Budget?

A Personal Budget can be requested either during the drafting of an EHC plan or once the plan has been issued and is being reviewed. It is not necessary to have an EHC plan to request a Personal Health Budget.

What can a Personal Budget be used for?

A Personal Budget can be used only on the support set out in an EHC plan. This can include funding for the special educational, health and social care support that will help to achieve the outcomes set out in the Plan.

Will I be able to decide how the Personal Budget will be managed?

Yes, Personal Budgets can be managed in a number of different ways via one or a combination of the following options:

Direct Payments - you receive the money in order to purchase and manage the services yourself.

Organised arrangement (or notional budget) - Liverpool City Council (LCC), Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (LCCG) or the school/college holds the money and purchases the services for you.

Third Party arrangement - the money is paid (as a Direct Payment) to another individual or organisation who manages it on your behalf.

Can a request for a Personal Budget be refused?

Yes, each request will be considered individually but for example; if a service is currently being delivered to a number of children/young people and by disaggregating the funding this has an adverse impact on the delivery or it would not be an efficient use of resources, then the request may be refused.

Can I use a Personal Budget to pay for my Childs school place?


Will taking a Personal Budget or Direct Payment affect my benefits?

No. Direct payments are not means tested and will not affect your social security benefits. They are not counted as taxable income.

We both work - does this mean we will not be able to have a Personal Budget?

No. Personal Budgets are not means tested. However if your child/young person is over 18, and part of the budget comes from Social Care then the family may have to make a financial contribution - you should talk to your social worker about this.

I'm worried that I may not cope with managing the Personal Budget, will I get help?

You can manage the Personal Budget yourself or ask the Local Authority to support you to do this.

Do I have to have a Personal Budget?

No, it is entirely optional.

My child is unlikely to have an EHC Plan. Does this mean that I cannot have a Personal Budget?

You may still be entitled to a Personal Health Budget or support from Social Care including Direct Payments.