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This page is all about YOU – how you can get involved, how to make your voice heard, and how we listen to you. We call this Participation.

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We have people and services whose job it is to make sure you are heard.  Please come back to this page to check if there are new ways you can get involved.

Liverpool Unity Squad keep our Local Offer under review. If you want to get involved please email



  • Meet our new Lambanana! After a lot of discussion and hard work to find out how to make the Local Offer more attractive and user-friendly, we are well on the way to implementing our new, family-friendly style. The Lambanana is the  symbol of the Local Offer, so you know whenever you see it you're looking at SEND support information or services. the Family Information Service have a new mascot too, so keep an eye out for their new Liverbird. These will be visible on the site over the next few weeks, alongside a host of new icons, graphics and colours.

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  • We have finished a project working with ‘KIDS’ to kick start more participation.  Please see the report in the download links for full details.  This work created Liverpool Unity Squad!

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  • Our new Co-Production Co-Ordinator has already met again with ‘Liverpool Unity Squad’ and is working hard to keep the voices coming! 
  • We are currently working to develop the Children and Young Persons Groups so that you know how to get involved in all our projects
  • You can download our ‘You Said, We Did’ document in the downloads section. This is one of the ways you can find out about changes we've made, following feedback from you.  As your changes happen we will frequently update. 

Co-production Video

Please see our video of co-production that was put together by Liverpool Unity Squad and students at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA)



We have several groups that work on OUR Local Offer;

  • Local Offer Senior Steering.  This is how we make sure our leaders in Liverpool come together to know how our offer is developing and working.  This includes our parent and carer association (LivPaC) and links into Liverpool Unity Squad.
  • Assessment and Testing Team.  This group has parents, carers, Local Authority Officers, Head Teachers and SENCos.  They meet twice a term and use a national audit to continuously review our local offer arrangements.
  • Directory and Information Team.  This is where the back-room team work on improving our site!  This team is behind the scenes making updates and changes on behalf of our services.

It is the responsibility of individual service providers to keep you updated and we ask them to do this every term.  If you think information is not useful or out of date, please ask the service for updates.  Alternatively, you can prompt us using the ‘Have your say’ button.

We have parents and carers alongside us every step of the way.  We regularly ask for time at LivPaC (Liverpool Parent and Carers Forum) steering group where we co-produce this website and plan the way forward.  Every group from senior steering, assessment team and digital team all have some parent/carer representation.

Youth Voice Liverpool run the LCC Young Inspectors

Youth Voice Liverpool run the LCC Young Inspectors

We meet weekly at Unity Youth and Community Centre and at Sports Alive in Everton and Fazakerley.

Our Young Inspectors, are young people from North and South Liverpool. They are aged between 8-14 years old and are trained to quality assure young people’s provision and capture other Young People’s voice. They do this in a variety of ways including; Mystery Shopping, Phone calls to service users and they assess young people's funding applications to inspect whether youth provision is doing what they say in their funding application. They also interview staff as well as young people focus groups and then report back to organisations and service users our findings.

If you would like more information about this please contac: Faith Andrews at or on 07925 358 375.


Have Your Say

The ‘Have Your Say’ button (just over to the right of this page!) is for you to comment on this website.  We are keen you tell us what you like and we’ll try to build these pages with you in mind.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Alastair (SEND Co-Production Lead)   Siobhan (Early Help Information Officer)  Margi Kelly (ASD Trainer)
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