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This page is all about YOU – how you can get involved, how to make your voice heard, and how we listen to you. We call this Participation.

We have people and services whose job it is to make sure you are heard.  Please come back to this page to check if there are new ways you can get involved.

This Website

The SEND Local Offer is the place that has all the information, services and organisations that young people and families with SEND need to know about. We have asked a group children and young people to help us look at changes we can make and ask us questions. This group tells us what children and young people want to see – so they are always sure to listen to your thoughts and suggestions and tell us what you think.

We have teamed up with KIDS to make sure we get this right! We planned a big event in July to sit down together and have some fun with the site.

Watch this space for updates!

Liverpool Parents and Carers

We have parents and carers alongside us every step of the way.  We regularly ask for time at LivPaC (Liverpool Parent and Carers Forum) steering group where we co-produce this website and plan the way forward.  Every group from senior steering, assessment team and digital team all have some parent/carer representation.

Have Your Say

The ‘Have Your Say’ button (just over to the right of this page!) is for you to comment on this website.  We are keen you tell us what you like and we’ll try to build these pages with you in mind.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Alastair (SEND Co-Production Lead)                Siobhan (Early Help Information Officer)


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