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Nugent House School

Nugent House School is a special school for boys aged 7-19 years with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD).

Some of our pupils have additional learning difficulties, mental health difficulties and other additional educational needs.

Capacity: 65

Nugent House School offers: Day placements, 38 week residential placements, 52 week children's home provision.

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James Reay
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Referrals Co-ordinator

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Nugent House School
Carr Mill Road

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Nugent House School

We are committed to enabling our students to overcome their barriers; our exceptional staff work tirelessly with every individual, their families and carers to ensure a personalised education experience All students have their own bespoke programme designed to engage, inspire and encourage whilst also providing therapeutic, pastoral and holistic support. These programmes mean all our students gain not only skills for life, but also recognised academic and vocational qualifications that support their next steps.

Our ‘IACCORD’ values are at the heart of what we do and how we build relationships and learning habits:

Integrity: we are honest in what we say and do
Ambition: we have high hope for the future
Courage: we stand up for what we know is right
Compassion: we are kind and support each other
Optimism: we believe we can
Respect: we accept one another and look after all we share
Dignity: we value ourselves and each other

Nugent House School is a safe, positive and student-centred environment where we learn and grow together. Please do contact the school if you would like to arrange a visit; we will make time to show you around our extensive site, outline our specialised equipment and even introduce you to our menagerie of therapeutic animals!

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The following questions have been developed by and may be of particular interest to children and young people

1.         How will the school know if I need extra help?

When you start at the school all teachers will use a range of methods to assess your knowledge skills and ability in all subjects. The work you will be given following this will be challenging but achievable. We will never give you work that you cannot do. We will ask you were you feel you need extra help. You will also be assessed by an Educational Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist will assess all the information shared with us about you. All of this information will be evaluated by senior managers and if we feel you need extra help, in any area, this will be discussed with you and your parents/carers and put into place.

2.         What should I do if I think I need extra help?

You should tell us immediately. You can tell your form teacher or your key worker (All pupils have a key worker including Non Residents boys who are assigned to a day boy house with day care staff)

There is pastoral staff available to talk to if you need help with work or with your behaviour.

You can always talk to any senior manager – who all have an ‘open door policy’


3.         If I have difficulty taking part in school activities what different arrangements can be made for me?

Lots of pupils at the school struggle with things like this. Many have individual programmes which allow us to support them in engaging in whatever they have difficulties with. You can identify the staff you would like to support you and we will arrange special sessions where you can work through your fears/anxieties at your own pace. If the ‘activity’ is a particular lesson – then we will organise 1:1 tuition for you.

If you do have an individual timetable we always discuss this with your parents/carers beforehand.

4.         How will I participate in planning my targets?

After you have been assessed the teacher will talk to you about where you may need to improve or catch up – you will be able to talk about the targets each teacher set for you in each subject. Your key worker will talk to you about any behaviour targets you may have and what individual rewards you would like for when you achieve them. We have reviews each term to check on your progress which you are a big part in.

5.         How does the school know how well I’m doing?

All the things we discover about you is analysed during various meetings. We discuss the areas you are doing well and those were we feel you could make more progress. This information is then compared to the progress being made by others in the school. We also compare your progress with the progress being made by other pupils, with similar difficulties to yourself, on a national level. We do this using a system we use called CASPA. This lets us know if your progress is in line with National expectations. Pupils at Nugent House often exceed these national norms.

6.         Who will help me to be more independent in school?

7.         Who will help me to be more independent in my community?

8.         How will my parents/carers be supported to encourage me to be more independent?

All the staff will support you to become more independent both in and out of the classroom. However, your key worker will be the most help and they will have regular key worker sessions with you, were things like independent living skills are a main focus – particularly in years 10/11/12

There are lots of trips out of school – lots of activities and outdoor education which at first we will closely support you and as you become more confident we can encourage you to more independent.

You will also attend a local college and at first staff will come with you and only when we all feel comfortable will the support be relaxed gradually.

Your parents/carers will be in regular contact with the school – normally with the staff in your house, who will make sure they know how you are doing in school and what you are achieving. You parents will be invited into school for various meetings, which always include you, to talk about how you are doing and we can all agree plans for the future. Both in the short term and longer term.

9.         Who should I speak to if I’m worried about something?

You should tell us immediately if you are worried about anything. You can tell your form teacher or your key worker (All pupils have a key worker including Non Resident boys who are assigned to a day boy house with day care staff)

There are pastoral staff available to talk to you at any time in school

You can always talk to any senior manager – who all have an ‘open door policy’

You can also tell your parent/carers who can then make contact with us at the school

10.       How do school staff get extra help from other experts?

Your Local Authority will give us lots of information about you before you join us and they let us know if we need to contact any ‘experts’. Nugent House has many ‘experts’ of our own. All of our teachers are fully qualified and we have a range of experts within our Therapy Department such as the Head of Therapies who is assisted by a Mental Health Practitioner. There is also a Clinical Psychiatrist and 2 Clinical Psychologists, 2 Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapist, Play therapist, Cognitive Behavioural therapist, horticultural therapy and counsellors. We also have access to professionals who deliver group work sessions and conduct life story work. The therapy department also houses ‘Quiet Place’.

The school supports the work of the external agencies engaged with the young person; these include, for example, YOS, Social Workers and parents/carers.

11.       What help is there to get me ready to start college?

As mentioned before a very important part of our curriculum is the supported college placement whilst here. This not only widens the variety of subjects you can study whilst with us but gives you a good understanding and experience of what studying at college is like. We will have meetings with careers guidance specialists throughout years 10 and 11 to identify what it is you would like to do as future career or what you would like to study in Further or Higher Education. We will make sure you take the right exam options and we will help you complete college applications and take you to visit your identified college. We will help you plan your journey from home and do a couple of ‘dummy runs’ with you so you will know exactly where you are going and how to get there as you start a new phase of your life.

12.       What help is there to get me ready to start work?

A big part of Y10 and Y11 is our work experience programme where you get the chance to gain some experience of working life in your chosen area of work. Every pupil at the school is different and some find this easier than others. We will never leave you unless you felt comfortable and we will be on hand to pick you up if you wanted to come back to school. We have a wide range of opportunities and most of our pupils thoroughly enjoy the programme.

In school we have careers sessions were you can investigate different options and we have mock applications and interviews so you get to practice the interpersonal skills needed in getting a job.

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