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Eden School Macclesfield Cheshire

Eden School is a bespoke school registered specifically for up to 8 pupils with LD/MLD/SEMH/SLCN and complex needs between the ages of 6-16 years. Eden School is located within the grounds of Eden House, our 5 bed children’s home recently rated Outstanding in all areas. We offer children and young people a physically and emotionally safe learning environment, through an attachment informed curriculum, which is tailored to meet the individual needs of all pupils.

Eden School delivers a therapeutic approach to education supporting emotional and cognitive development. Our ethos is to increase self-esteem, achievement and outcomes in preparation for adulthood through positive behaviour support. The school follows the National Curriculum and differentiates activities and information to support learning in line with pupils’ specific and individual needs and will make reasonable adjustments where necessary. Where appropriate we provide expert help in the transitions to and from our school providing the necessary continuing support working closely with the school or college which they are attending.

The SENCo will advise your child’s teacher/learning support of ways to ensure their classroom practice is inclusive for your child and that quality teaching and resources support their needs; developing confidence, self-esteem and independent learning. Support strategies may include visual timetables, visual communication systems and resources, sensory equipment, nurture-calming room, reading overlays and specific computer programmes and social and emotional learning interventions.

Professional development opportunities and training of all staff in the school will ensure that high quality differentiated learning opportunities happen at every opportunity throughout the school day. Staff will be further trained on developing skills and independence through outdoor learning in the school grounds and out in the community. Staff will ensure that the pace and intensity of these interventions will accelerate progression in their personalised learning goals.

Our Therapeutic Aims:

  • To achieve whole school approaches to inclusion
  • To offer individualised learning plans to support all pupils
  • Tailored and differentiated support offered to all pupils on roll
  • Therapeutic and attachment informed practice
  • Access to an embedded and integrated model of therapy and clinical support
  • Specialist early help and tailored interventions to support all children

Our Curriculum Aims:

  • All pupils of compulsory school age receive full-time supervised education
  • Education at Eden School offers pupils experience in linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical and aesthetic and creative aspects.
  • Across the curriculum pupils are supported to develop and acquire skills in speaking and listening, literacy and numeracy. These are further developed in their other subjects through an embedded approach to teaching and learning.
  • Pupils are supported to achieve nationally recognised qualifications to support and enhance social, emotional and academic progression
  • All pupils are offered access to a broad and balanced curriculum in line with EHCP and identified SEN needs



Each child will have a personalised learning programme, however, where possible the school will encourage children to work collaboratively developing social skills and self-esteem in all aspects of school life. Each child will have adult support as outlined in their EHCP/Statement and have a nominated Key Worker. Adapting the curriculum through differentiation of work for all children will be the responsibility of the classroom teacher. The level of differentiation will differ for each individual child. For example, a child may benefit from using a variety of iPad applications to support writing and to boost confidence. IPad technology allows children to record their ideas visually, auditoraly and kinaesthetically. Work can be edited instantly to develop writing skills and text can be enlarged instantly supporting children with visual impairments. For those children with language processing difficulties visual prompts (time trackers, visual timetables, now and next prompt cards and Elklan strategies) can be adapted to support specific barriers personalised to the child.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Justine Platt
Contact Position
Lead Teacher

Where to go

Eden School
SK10 3LQ

Other Details


Referral Details

Children attending Eden School will already have special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) identified and may have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or Statement of Special Educational Needs.  Ususally the local authority SEND team will make the referral to the school in consultation with parents and other professionals representing the pupil.

Eden School’s admissions policy is available on our website or can be requested from the school.

Lead Teacher/SENCo at Eden School

Justine Platt


01625 704400 / 07341 569410

Other notes

Eden School values and respects all children and has a serious approach to bullying, difficulties children have with relationships, and the social and emotional wellbeing of children and are allocated Key Workers to monitor and support each child’s needs. At Eden School, all staff are involved with supporting the wellbeing of children therapeutically and arrangements for listening carefully to pupils are undertaken daily. 

The school will teach that relationships in schools should be characterised by respect, kindness and consideration fostered by positive attitudes to behaviour. All children have a right to feel valued and safe, fostering positive self-esteem. School staff support children to develop mature and happy relationships, which is an important part of the curriculum and essential to their present and future success in life.

The Lead Teacher has Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) trainingwhich is designed to reduce problem behaviours and increase socially appropriate behaviours. Prevention of problem behaviours is the focus, rather than waiting to respond after a behaviour occurs. PBS strategies and interventions are appropriate for pupils diagnosed with a variety of conditions such as mental health issues and autism. Benefits of PBS:


  • It is a child/young person-centred approach respecting their dignity by listening to them, recognising their skills, strengths and goals.
  • It causes positive changes by the school having the correct environment and making new environmental changes where needed. Pupils can reduce problem behaviours and coping mechanisms and relaxation can take the place of the problem behaviours. We aim to minimise the need for restraint, seclusion, or removal of privileges.
  • PBS places an emphasis on outcomes important to the individual and to society. For example, the behavioural outcomes, such as fewer aggressive incidents, have the ability to make the pupil’s home life, and school day safer.

Local Offer

Local Offer Age Bands
Primary (5 to 11)
Secondary (11 to 16)
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