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Liverpool Independent Visitor & Advocacy Service

An appointment of an Independent Visitor for a Looked After Child can be made if:

  • It appears that communication between the child and a parent or any person who is not a parent but has parental responsibility for the child has been infrequent; or
  • The child has not been visited (or has not lived with) a parent or any person who is not the parent but has parental responsibility for the child recently.
  • If it is within the best intrest of the child.

A decision to appoint an Independent Visitor will usually be agreed at a child's Looked After Review.

When an appointment is considered necessary, the child's social worker or IRO should contact the LAC Independent Visitor and Advocacy Coordinator to make a request that an Independent Visitor be appointed. The Independent Visitor will be a person who is independent of the local authority. 

Before the appointment is made, LAC Independent Visitor and Advocacy Coordinator will ensure that the proposed Independent Visitor has been recruited following Safer Recruitment practices, checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service, and has received appropriate training.

The child must be consulted about the appointment and if they object, the appointment cannot be made.

1.2 Duties of Independent Visitor

The Independent Visitor will have a duty to make regular visits to the child and maintain other contact, by telephone and letter as appropriate.

The main purpose of the visits and contacts will be to befriend the child and give advice and assistance as appropriate with the aim of promoting the child's development and social, emotional, educational, religious and cultural needs.

The Independent Visitor should also encourage the child to participate in decision-making.

The Independent Visitor may make representations on the child’s behalf with their consent and also may make a request for advocacy services.

The views of the Independent Visitor should be sought before each Looked After Review to which he or she should be invited if the child requests it.

The independent Visitor will be entitled to claim reasonable out-of-pocket expenses in relation to their undertaking their duties as an Independent Visitor

1.3 Review of Appointment

The need to continue the appointment should be considered at the child's Looked After Reviews, and the child's wishes and feelings will be the main consideration in deciding the need for the continued appointment.

1.4 Contact Details

When there is a need to appoint an Independent Visitor or Advocate contact must be made with the LAC Independent Visitor and Advocacy Coordinator:


Advocacy Information

The appointment of an advocate for a Looked After child is appropriate where a child wishes to be represented at a meeting (for example a Looked After Review or Child Protection Conference) or assisted in preparing to make a complaint (see Complaints and Representations Procedure) or bringing a matter to the attention of the care provider, the local authority or the Regulatory Authority.

Information must be provided to all Looked After Children and Children involved in Child Protection Conferences about how they can gain access to a suitably skilled advocate. This should be included in the Children's Guide or provided to them at any time by their social worker or Independent Reviewing Officer especially where their wishes and feelings may not be in accordance with plans being made for them.

When there is a need to appoint an Independent Advocate contact must be made with the LAC Independent Visitor and Advocacy Coordinator:

Who to contact

Contact Name
Janet Bradley
Contact Position
LAC Independent Visitor & Advocacy Coordinator




Liverpool City Council

Commercial Procurement Unit

 Contract DN220671

Self-Employed Independent Advocacy

 The aim of the service is to provide an Independent Advocacy Service for Looked After Children to enable the Local Authority to fulfil its statutory duties under the Children Act 1989.

You will need to register on ProContract (The Chest) to be able to receive the opportunity. The documents will only be available on the portal (available via The Chest). Once you have registered you will need to go to the “My Activities” section on the home page of ProContract and follow the instructions as a supplier to enable you to return your submission.

To register your organisation on ProContract, click on the following link, go to suppliers’ area and click on “register free”.

 Closing date for submissions is 12th December 2016 by 16:00


Where to go

Ray Hurst
Liverpool City Council
Pendine Close
L6 3BH

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Time of day
Session Information
9.00-4.45 can provide support at other times as requested

Other Details


Referral required
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Local Offer

Local Offer Age Bands
Young Adults (16 to 25)
Primary (5 to 11)
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Early Years (0 to 5)
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