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Liverpool ASD Training Team

We are  facilitate pre diagnosis training and ASD training via zoom and face to face classroom sessions.

We facilitate National Autistic Society Early bird courses via zoom and face to face.

We provide email support and 1:1  zoom / telephone consultation for parents to discuss any questions or concerns they may have about their child. (no diagnosis needed to access this support)

We facilitate coffee morning/afternoons through out schools in Liverpool (primary and secondary)

 Please see attached documents for dates, times and booking information.

Please see more information on course we facilitate:

0 - 19 year olds

  • Drop in Sessions – The drop in sessions take place twice a month in different children’s Centre’s across the city. They are for Parents/Carers who wish to talk in a private one to one setting. You do not require a diagnosis of ASD to attend but must have questions or concerns about the young person. The drop ins are not a training session and do not require an appointment.
  • Pre Diagnosis course 
  • Social Communication difficulties & Social Behaviour Are for Parents/Carers who are waiting for their child to have an ASD Pathway assessment. This is a one full day or two half day classroom sessions.
  • Telephone Consultations Families can pre book a telephone consultation with a member of the ASD training team.  To book a call please email
  • Q&A sessions These sessions are delivered across Liverpool Schools Primary and Secondary.  Please contact your child’s setting to find out if they are taking part.
  • Targeted Support These training sessions offer families specific areas of support including emotional wellbeing and puberty.  Visit  Liverpool Local Offer to find out more.
  •  To attend the below courses all children must have a  diagnosis of ASD 
  • NAS EarlyBird Course – Are for Parents/Carers who have a child with a diagnosis of ASD and are under the age of 4years. It has 8 classroom sessions and 4 homevisits which the child should attend. There are 2 places for Parent/Carer.
  • NAS EarlyBird Plus – Are for Parents/Carers and one professional who is working with the young person. It is for children between the age of 4 years and 9 years and who have a diagnosis of ASD. There are 8 classroom sessions and 2 homevisits that do not require the child not to attend. There are places for 2 parents/Carers and one professional.
  • NAS Teen life – Are for parents/Carers and one professional who is working with the young person, aged 10 years up to 16 years who have a diagnosis of ASD. There are six classroom session. There are places for 2 parents/Carers and one professional.
  • ASD Training course are grouped in to ages – 4-7yrs, 8-11yrs and 12 and over are for Parents/Carers of a child/young person aged 4years and up to 19 years who have a diagnosis of ASD. The consist of 6 half day sessions 9.30am till 12 noon and all the courses follow the 3 strand - Autism, Communication and Behaviour difficulties. There are 2 places for Parent/Carers.

Recent feedback and comments

"I have just been on a fantastic training course were I was given invaluable advice.  One of the sections was about being clear when talking to children. I come home and tell sean to take his shoes off. I 'm cooking in the kitchen and fall over Sean's shoes. I say "Sean I told you to take your shoes off!! " He replies "I did." I said " Well why arnt they by the front door? He says " oh Sorry, you never said that". Kicking myself inside now. He come back and said done. I go to check, and they are litarelly in front of the front door waiting for Paul to break his neck on them when he comes home from work.

"I was at one of the ASD workshops and I wanted to say how helpful I found it.  I have more of an understanding now and I have taken ideas from the workshop and put them in place. Morning times is so much easier and less stressful now and my son enjoys following his morning schedule to get ready.  I just want to say a big thank you for holding these meetings and I will be going to the others that are going to be held in my area."

“The course is so helpful for us as families and for our children”

 “The tutors were very friendly and helpful, they gave me lots of new ideas and explained things very clearly and easy to understand”

“ There was time in the sessions to ask questions and feedback is encouraged and everyone seems comfortable taking part.”

 “During the course I found  the confidence to tell my son about his diagnosis.”

 “It’s been great to discuss with other parents who have experienced the same problems”


Who to contact

Contact Name
ASD Training Team

Where to go

Cunard Building
Water Street
L3 1AH







































8th July 2019

9.30am – 12.00pm

Clubmoor Children’s Centre, Utting Avenue East L11 1DQ



22th July 2019

9.30am – 12.00pm

Livpac, 5 Shelmore Drive, Dingle, L8 4YL


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