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Transition Team - Adult Social Care - Liverpool

Liverpool City Council Adult Services in collaboration with partner agencies (Children's Services, Education & Health) children, young people, their carers and families have developed a revised pathway to adulthood for young people in transition; and the 'Preparing for Adulthood Protocol' came into fruition.

Preparing for adulthood will be different for everyone and the provision of timely, accessible information about the available options may be sufficient in supporting the majority of young people and their families during the transition period. However, some children and young people will require additional support including those who currently have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP). 

To help in the identification of a young persons’ care needs, adult services complete a Care Act Assessment 2014, often referred to as an adult needs’ assessment. The Care Act 2014 states that ‘’if a child, young carer or an adult caring for a child is likely to have needs when they, or the child they care for, turns 18, the local authority must assess them if it considers there is ‘significant benefit’ in doing so.’’ Additionally, the adult’s needs for care and support arise from or are related to a physical or mental impairment or illness. This includes if the adult has a condition because of physical, mental, sensory, learning or cognitive disabilities or illnesses, substance misuse or brain injury.

The assessment is underpinned by a strengths-based approach and will focus on identifying the young persons’ capabilities, aspirations, the outcomes that they would like to achieve as well as developing their independence as they enter into adulthood. The assessment will ascertain whether a person is eligible for Adult Social Care and is completed with a Transition worker and a partnership approach is very much adopted. They will also signpost to other services if the person does not have eligible care needs.

The criteria for input from the Transition team is:

  • The young person is known to Children’s services i.e. Disabled Children’s Team, Permanence Teams etc.
  • The young person has an Education & Health Care Plan (EHCP)
  • Young people with a learning disability and/or autism
  • Young people with a degenerative health condition
  • Young people with a physical disability
  • Young people with mental health needs with an Education & Health Care Plan (EHCP)
  • Looked after children & young people with an Education & Health Care Plan (EHCP)
  • Young Carers

Preparing for the transition to adult services can be a difficult time for parents and families as quite often the young person will be leaving full time education and they may require very different support as an adult. When a young person turns 16 adults providing care and support or those intending to provide care and support have a right to a Carers Assessment. This assessment will consider how the needs of the person being cared for impacts on other family members as well as the support that they provide for the young person. Carers are also entitled to Carers advocacy services to support them in their role and are eligible for such services when a young person reaches 16.

If you are a young person, young carer, parent or family member and you are likely to have needs when you or the cared for person turns 18, we would like to hear from you with a view to undertaking an assessment; whether that be a Care Act Assessment 2014, Carers Assessment or both.

If you would like to request an assessment, please contact Careline on (0151) 233-3800.

If you are already known to Children’s Services (i.e. Disabled Children’s Team, Permanence Teams, Early Help etc.) your Social Worker will make a referral for input from the Transition team.

For individuals that don’t meet the criteria for the Transition team Careline will support in screening and directing referrals to the appropriate adult social care teams i.e. Neighbourhood teams, Community Mental Health Teams etc.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Rebecca Ellard & Lindsay Feeney
Contact Position
Transition Team Leaders

The Team

Team Leaders:              Rebecca Ellard & Lindsay Feeney

Social Workers:             Sue Menzies, Melanie McCarfrae, Janet Woodruff, Kayleigh Cook, 

                                      John Shipman, Laura Alvis, Rachhel Plant-Carlyon & Sarah Ward

Social Care Assessors:  Alan Dodd, Kate Maher, Mark Murphy, Jim North & Carol Hosdon


   All can be contacted via careline on 0151 233 3800

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