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Children and Young People's Continuing Care Service

The Children and Young People's Continuing Care service follow the National Framework for Children and Young People's Continuing Care (2016). The Framework provides guidance to determine if a child or young person's health needs require support, over what can be provided by the routinely or specialist commissioned services e.g. Community Children's Nurse, School Nurse, Diabetes’s Nurse, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. Our service receives referrals for children and young people who have physical disability, learning disability, and mental health needs, and also end of life needs.

The Children’s National Framework relates to a child/young person from birth up until their 18th birthday. For young people reaching the age of 18 years a different framework is used to understand what additional care is needed (National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care). If your child is near to reaching the age of 18 a member of the adult Continuing Healthcare (CHC) team will be happy to provide guidance with regards to referring into the adult CHC service. 

Initially, to understand if a referral is required to Children’s Continuing Care a multi-disciplinary (or multi-professional) meeting decides if your child has needs that cannot be met by the routine or specialist commissioned services, and requires additional health services to meet their needs. The multi-professional meeting should ideally consist of; a health professional (completing the checklist), a social worker, and an education representative (and anyone who you feel is relevant); as parents/carers you will need to be integral to this meeting along with your child, (as both of your preferences are pivotal). As parents/carers you will need to be fully aware of what Continuing Care is and what the process entails - this should be communicated within the meeting.

It is important that the agencies involved in your child’s care work together, and with you through the process of Continuing Care.

At this meeting a checklist will need completing, which gives a brief overview of your child’s needs. This checklist will give an indication to the Children’s Continuing Care Nurse Assessors within our service, as to whether a full holistic needs assessment is thereafter required (known as a Decision Support Tool or DST), at another meeting. The most appropriate health professional will take the lead in completing the checklist. However, as a service we will help parents/carers and relevant professionals to understand the process of application for Continuing Care at any point of the process.  

 If your child has one we will use their Education and Health Care Plan to understand their needs, which is a document based on multi-professional input. If your child is eligible for Continuing Care the support received from our service will be named and described within the EHCP.

 Liverpool Continuing Care is able to fund towards NHS or independent care providers in order for them to provide healthcare in a variety of settings; which is managed and arranged by Liverpool Local Authority. The care provided is often described as a package of healthcare, which provides trained and competent carers in various settings, to support a child or young person with complex healthcare needs. The Department of Health and Social Care revised the National Framework for Children and Young People's Continuing Care at the beginning of 2016, which is also attached.

Parents/carers, professionals and other person's wishing to have more information can freely contact the service for more advice and guidance on Continuing Care. The contact details for Children and Young People's Continuing Care and adult CHC is included.


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Midland & Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (MLCSU)

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