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Autism Initiatives

Autism Initiatives provides a range of person centred autism specific services throughout the UK. The charity provides services to children and adults, and encompasses education, residential, short breaks, supported living,  outreach, community resource centres, 'day' services, and social enterprises for employment training and experience.

Autism services

The services provided by Autism Initiatives are significantly different from those provided by generic learning disability and mental health services, in that our services are underpinned by a clear understanding of positive autism practice and a person centred approach to understanding the unique needs an individual may have in relation to their autism.

 The difficulties that many people with autism experience within services are often due to a lack of a clear and consistent understanding of their needs and wants over multiple environments. Often there is also an over focus on ‘behaviour’ from service providers rather than an insightful analysis of the reasons for such behaviour in relation to an individual’s need to experience good autism practice.

 Autism Initiatives services, with the support of clinicians within its practice support team, are able to deliver support solutions that help individuals to develop strategies in relation to managing the impact of their autism and generate positive outcomes in relation to their needs as an individual.

 Services include educational, residential, short break and outreach support for children and young people with autism, including transition from children's to adult services.

If you are a person with autism, a family member, or a commissioner of services we are happy to talk to you about the support that we can provide for you.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Karen Campbell
Contact Position
Assistant Director
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Where to go

Autism Initiatives UK (head office)
Sefton House
Bridle Road
L30 4XR

This is our central head office from where we deliver high quality autism specific services across the UK. 

In the Liverpool and wider accessible area this includes:

  • Community Resource Centres Kensington, Bootle and Formby
  • A number of supported living houses
  • Award winning social enterprises including two Cafes and a Cycle Workshop
  • A Short break service
  • 'Oustanding' specialist autism school 'Peterhouse'
  • Support for children in mainstream education
  • Flexible education services and support
  • A parent support group
  • Transition from children to adult services

However, any model of service can be developed around individual and personalised needs.

Other Details


Please contact provider for cost details.
Offering Tax Free Childcare.


Referral Details

Dependent on the service required, a formal referral is not always required , for example where families are seeking outreach or Community Resource Centre support using personal budgets.

However for more complex requirements referral is usually through the local authority social work team. 

Other notes

Children and Young People

Our specialist services for children and young people include educational, residential, short break and outreach support, including transition from children's to adult services.

Support for Children and Parents in Mainstream Education

OSSME first started as Outreach Services Supporting Mainstream Education, hence its name, however it has developed to provide a range of services around children, education and support for parents.

  • “OSSME takes time to get to know the child and the school before offering advice. The advice and support to implement strategies has created a better working environment for the teacher, child and family.” - St Helens Primary School Teacher 
  • “Excellent training, advice and support” - Headteacher
  • “OSSME is the best, most tailored, resource available for pupils with Autism Spectrum Conditions.” – Teacher
  • “[Strategies] are highly individualised – they tap into the pupil’s interest and capitalise on their strengths.” - Teacher

Are you a teacher looking to support someone with autism?

Individual Support

Using our understanding of differences usually associated with autism, we listen carefully so we can assess the support needs of each person, who may also have other conditions, before making recommendations. We offer a personalised range of teaching and support packages, including diagnostic explanation.

For children and young adults

For teachers not sure how to help a child with autism achieve their best, we develop and model autism specialist strategies, using one-to-one sessions and observations. Outside the classroom, and for young autistic adults, we offer support in the community, help to access college, and links with work placements to develop social and work based skills.

Training and consultancy

We also offer consultancy to schools, colleges and individuals. Schools can flexibly use OSSME for specific needs. We give families and carers the opportunity to fund support in school, college, university, in the home or attending clubs.

Early Help

Early Help is a preventative support package for a child or young person who is having difficulties at home or school or is at risk of not attending school or requiring support into adulthood. Our Early Help offers structure, socialisation and help to develop skills that a pupil may miss out on when not in school.

We provide:

  • Curriculum support, in school and at home
  • Social and life skills training
  • Diagnostic explanation
  • Therapeutic intervention
  • Teacher and family training
  • Engagement in the curriculum for those at risk of exclusion or not attending school

Peterhouse School

Peterhouse School in Southport has been judged OUTSTANDING in all areas by Ofsted inspection since 2009. A non-maintained specialist school and college, it offers day and residential provision for children and young people aged 5 to 19 who have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Conditions.

Part of the Peterhouse provision includes residential homes and a college. There are two large residential homes with spacious gardens. Services include weekly, termly and 52-week boarding children and young people aged between 5 and 19 years. Flexible boarding arrangements are available for over 75 stays per year. Typically these young people have a primary diagnosis of autism; some young people may have additional vulnerabilities or medical needs such as epilepsy or behaviour requiring high levels of supervision.

“He has come a long way and improving every day.” - Parent

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