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Testimonials (ITT)


"I'm happy that I could travel independently. I didnt want to carry on getting taxis to college because I'm growing up and I want to be an independent young man."

Michael sitting on a bus




"I used to get upset at home thinking I will never be normal like other people and go out on my own. It's good now the fact that it's really helped me a lot, I can go out on my own and be like normal kids instead of being different to other people."

Christopher at a bus stop




"I found it difficult because I couldn't get the bus anywhere. I had to wait for my dad to take me places, but now I can just go out on my own anytime I want, it actually feels great!"

Courtney boarding a bus


Greenbank College




Maria Lawrence

"It's nerve wracking for any parent, but the way Liverpool have put it together is really well structured. I'd definitely recommend it to anybody. The programme is really tight, really structured and the trainers are so friendly and approachable."

Trainer Mica and Parent Maria sitting on sofa



Barbara Scott

"To actually let him go was a big deal for us as a family. It's given us more freedom, he can go out on his own and meet friends and not rely on his mum. It's made a big difference and a big achievement for Christopher. It's really rewarding to watch him going out of the door, being organised and knowing he knows what to do all on his own."

Christopher leaving home




Catherine Kennedy - Curriculum Co-ordinator, Learning for Life - Hugh Baird College

"Travel training for a young person within our provision means they can access work experience, they can access supported internships and they can also access college and friends. So what aspect of their life doesn't independent travel training support?"

Catherine Kennedy



Dr Maurice Smith - Clinical Director Living Well Programme - Liverpool

"This is a wonderful opportunity, you will have a lot of support to get you through the process. It will give you more independence and you will feel more confident and you will be more active. Physical activity is very important, it boosts self-esteem and it also boosts your sense of well-being."

Dr. Maurice Smith



Juliette Gelling - Headteacher Bankview High School

"It's a very important part of our curriculum as a school for children with SEN. It's an important life skill and, where appropriate, we would like to see as many students as possible accessing the travel training and bringing themselves to school."

Pupils sitting around a desk looking up at trainer Emma



Steph Doyle - Post 16 Education Officer

"It's important for young people to fit in, so why wouldn't they want to get the bus the same as everyone else when they go to college."

Trainer Phil and Christopher crossing the road



Lisa Turner - Tutor Greenbank College 

"It gives lots of young people an opportunity to not only learn to use public transport and get themselves back and forth to college, it also gives them other skills, such as interacting with people, managing their money, keeping themselves safe. It's more than just being able to get themselves to college and back again."

Lisa Turner

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