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Free Online Parenting Guides (based on the Solihull Approach)

Free Interactive Online Parenting Guides for Liverpool 


These evidence-based guides written by the Solihull Approach (NHS) will show you how your child develops from the womb right through to early adulthood. Liverpool parents, carers and grandparents can use these guides to understand their child and learn how to build lasting, positive relationships with them, benefiting the whole family. The four guides cover the stages from pregnancy to childhood:

  1. Understanding Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and Your Baby - Parents-to-be can learn about how to manage stress during pregnancy; how to form a bond with your unborn baby; the important role of dads, partners and other important adults; and preparing for birth.

  2. Understanding Your Baby - Parents of new babies can learn how to understand yours and your baby’s feelings; baby brain development and how they can be supported; and how your baby forms relationships from birth.
  3. Understanding Your Child - Learn how to communicate to children at all ages; child development and how it might impact them and you; understanding your child’s feelings and behaviours; and finding a parenting style that works for you and your family.

  4. Understanding your teenager's brain - Find out what happens to the brain as a child hits adolescence in this SHORT guide. See how this explains some of the changes in their behaviour that you've noticed.


 These guides are also available in a number of other languages;

  • Arabic - 
  • Bulgarian - 
  • Chinese - 
  • Polish - 
  • Urdu - 

Look at the guides wherever you are using your mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet. No internet? Not a problem, simply head over to your local library and sign-up to use one of their many computers.

If you live in Liverpool* then you are eligible to free, lifetime access to these online guides. Visit: INOURPLACE and enter the following access code: PURPLEBIN

* Not sure if you are eligible? If you have (or are entitled to have) a purple wheelie bin then you can access these guides with the code!

Please see the “Downloads” section on the right hand side of this page for a guide on how to create an account.

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