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PREVENT - Are you concerned about someone who is at risk of radicalisation?

If you are concerned that you or someone you know is vulnerable to radicalisation, our Prevent Safeguarding Team can help.

We can help prevent and support vulnerable people from being drawn into extremism or terrorism.

We will also deliver Prevent Awareness Sessions to improve understanding of the process.


Discuss your concern with us

You can discuss your concern with us.

You can call or email, to discuss any concerns that you may have about a vulnerable individual and we can explain how we believe that we can provide help and support. 

This might involve us asking for your help to complete a Prevent referral form, so that we can involve partners and start the Safeguarding process, by providing the most appropriate support to the individual that you are concerned about.

Phone0151 233 0343 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm)



You can also call Merseyside Police Prevent team on 0151 777 8506.


If you believe that your situation is an emergency call  999.

Support available

If it is decided that a referral is suitable to receive multi-agency support, we will firstly obtain their informed consent before, along with our partners, offering a bespoke package of support aimed at reducing the perceived risks.

The support from the local authority is offered through the Channel programme.

 The support package offered may include:

  • support from a specialist mentor
  • social care support
  • specialist mental health support
  • help with accessing appropriate educational support
  • housing support

Causes and signs of radicalisation

Radicalisation is the process that can lead to an individual becoming involved in or supporting, terrorism or other forms of extremism. There are many different reasons why an individual might be vulnerable to becoming radicalised.

Many of the same factors that put people at risk of radicalisation are the same as those that put people at risk of becoming involved in drug and alcohol misuse, child sexual exploitation and gangs.

If you think that someone you know might be becoming radicalised, you might notice some changes in their behaviour, appearance or speech. Always remember that there may be other reasons for these changes.

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