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Benefits (ITT)

What are the benefits of Travel Training?

The Independent Travel Training Programme promotes:-

  • Independence
  • Increases confidence and self esteem
  • Improves social skills and helps learn how to cope in a variety of situations
  • Opens up routes to further education and employment in the transition to adulthood
  • Ability to engage in social and leisure activities
  • Increased level of health & well-being
  • Less reliance on family and friends

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Can parents/carers get involved in the training?

Parents/carers are involved right from the start.  The trainer will meet with the parents/carers to discuss the programme and complete the assessments.  This will inform the trainer of the young person’s previous experience and help with their detailed individual journey planning. 
Progress and achievement are measured and monitored and fed back to parents/carers


Trainer Mica, Michael and his mother sitting around kitchen table


What happens once Travel Training has been completed?

The young person will not be ‘signed off’ to begin travelling independently on the agreed journey until the Travel Trainer is confident that they have reached the level of independence. 
Upon completion of the Travel Training Programme the student will be presented with a certificate in recognition of the fundamental life skills they have gained and the hard work they put into the training. 
We will continue to evaluate and assess the student after the training has ceased and are able to offer ongoing support. 
The school/college will also play a part in ensuring the learner is arriving on time.

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