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Chatham Place Nursery School

In 2008 Chatham Place Nursery School relocated to Picton Childrens and Medical Centre and became Chatham Nursery School . It became part of a hard federation with St Hugh’s Catholic Primary School and  Picton Children’s Centre
In 2013 Chatham Nursery School took over what was the Picton Sure Start nursery and so Chatham Nursery School became a Chatham Nursery School Birth to Five Provision.



Who to contact

Contact Name
Julie Marshall
Contact Position
Assistant Headteacher

Where to go

139, Earle Road
L7 6HD

YesDetailsThere is a ramp at the front of the building if accessing from Earle Road. The car park is one level and is all one level allowing easy access from the car park on Webster Road. The doors to the main building are automatic, with a low level button to operate the doors.

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
17.00 per Session
24.00 per Session (pm)
38.00 per Day
Offering Tax Free Childcare.

Local Offer

  1. 1.   How does the school know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs?


  • In Chatham Nursery School we work in partnership with all parent/carers supporting and helping you in your role as your childs first and most important educator.  All children are monitored and tracked in all areas of learning across the Early Years Foundation Stage Development Matters. We ensure you are involved with your childs development and work in partnership with any difficulties your child maybe experiencing.
  • If there are concerns about progress or if any child needs extra support then this is identified early and acted upon.
  • Your child may have their needs met through normal teaching/learning strategies e.g. Small group activities, language enrichment groups to one Key Person time. Their progress is monitored by their Key Person, Class teacher and Assistant Head teacher.
  • If you have concerns or think your child may be having difficulties at home or in school or a special need that has not been identified then an appointment can be made to discuss this with your childs Key Person or Class Teacher. They will then discuss any concerns with the school SENCO.
  • We pride ourselves on ensuring you as parents/carers are involved early with any difficulties your child may appear to be having. An individual play plan may be introduced for your child. This will involve setting specific achievable individual targets for your child to work towards.
  • Some children need a more tailored approach to address a specific Special Educational Need that is impacting on their ability to learn. This will be discussed with you by our school SENCO. If your child continues to have difficulties despite targets set then the SENCO may discuss with you the need to involve specialist services.
  • You will be invited to termly meetings to review your childs progress, to set their next steps and to discuss the activities and interventions that will support your child to achieve their next targets.



2. How will school staff support my child?

  • The school SENCO will keep in touch with all staff to ensure that your child`s needs are met and targets in their Individual Play Plan are reviewed. The frequency of the support your child receives will depend on their level of need.
  • If your child has been given programmes to follow by outside agencies e.g. Speech and Language Therapy, we will liaise closely with their therapist and ensure that these programmes become a part of your child’s learning.
  • The SENCO will involve you in all support plans for your child. School staff will measure the impact of support given to your child and the progress your child is making.
  1. 3.   How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?
  • The school recognises that children develop/ learn at different rates and in different ways. To support all children in our school we deliver the curriculum in different ways. We offer whole class, small group and individual activities to support learning and development.
  • We understand that children learn at their own pace so we closely monitor your childs development and interests. All children’s learning is recorded using the Development Matters document and a more individualised record maybe found in your child`s Learning journey file. All parents are invited to contribute to your childs Learning Journey file.
  • We recognise that some children may need support to access the curriculum. We set up a work station and use picture timetables and cards to support communication. ICT equipment, countdown timers to help your child engage with their learning and become independent learners.
  1. 4.   What support will there be for my child’s overall well being?
  • We are an inclusive school who celebrate diversity. It is important to us that your child is happy in our care. We have a high staff ratio to children.
  • All staff are trained in Child Protection and are responsible for ensuring your child’s safety.
  • All staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid
  • Attendance and punctuality are monitored closely to ensure all children are receiving their full entitlement to education.
  1. 5.   What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the school?
  • The school can make referrals with your permission to a variety of specialist services Speech and Language Therapy Service. Physiotherapists, Community Paediatricians.
  • The school receives support from The Educational Psychology Service and SENISS (Special Educational Needs Intergrated Support Service.)
  • The school can also support parents with relevant training and activity sessions your child may benefit from attending at the attached Picton Children Centre.


  1. 6.   What training are the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had or having?
  • The SENCO attends Local Authority Briefings to keep up to date with legislative changes in Special Educational Needs.
  • The SENCO and staff can access training through their Primary Consortia.
  • All staff in school receives training to meet the needs of all children attending the school at any point in time. This may include sign language, Autism Awareness. Children with Challenging Behaviour. Early identification of children with additional needs
  • There is a variety of Local Authority and Consultancy training that individual staff access to enable them to support children in their care.



  1. 7.   How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?
  • All children are included on school trips. We ensure that all children’s needs are met by allocating high staffing ratios and by including Parents on School trips.
  • A risk assessment is completed prior to any trip out of school which may entail an extra visit by members of school staff to ensure the environment is safe and accessible for all children.


  1. 8.   How accessible is the school?
  • Chatham Nursery is fully accessible we have full wheel chair access to the building. There is a disabled access toilet and disabled parking on site.
  • For many of our families whose first language is not English we use visual signs, photographs and images to communicate.
  1. 9.   How will the school support my child to join the school and how will the school support my child in transferring to the next stage of education?
  • It is of great importance to us that all our children have a smooth transfer to our school and from our school.
  • We encourage all new children with their parents/carers to visit the school beforehand. Parents are encouraged to spend time with their child in the classroom to help them settle into the new environment.
  • We liaise very closely with all our local Primary Schools and Specialist Units to ensure that the transition from Nursery to Primary School is as smooth as possible. Sometimes this may involve having a detailed transition plan and ensuring additional visits are planned.
  • Class Teachers and SENCO from your Childs new Primary School are invited into Nursery to spend time with your child and share their Learning Journey.
  1. 10.               How are the school’s resources allocated and matched to a child’s or young person’s special needs?
  • We pride ourselves on working very closely with our parents as part of an ongoing process, which continues to identify and meet the needs of each individual child.
  • We will always plan your Childs support with you, review their progress and discuss their ` next steps.`
  • If your child requires additional specialist support we will discuss with you the pathways to more specialist support/provision.
  1. 11.               How are parents involved in the school? How can I be involved?
  • We hold Parent/carer and key person meetings by appointment each term to discuss your childs progress and see/contribute to your Childs Learning Journey Profile
  • School staff meet and greet the children and parent/carers at each session on arrival and at home time.
  • Parent/carers are regularly invited to attend school trips and celebrations in nursery.
  • We have an open door policy although it may be necessary to make an appointment if you wish to speak to a specific staff member.
  • Parents are encouraged to use the Nursery Lending Library to read stories at home with your child. We have a selection of dual language books.



  1. 12.               Who can I contact for further information?


If you require more information about our school please go to our school website:

If you would like to talk to a member of staff please contact your Childs Key Person, the SENCO or the Assistant Head Teacher.

The Local Offer can be found in the Family Services Directory on Liverpool City Council website


Local Offer Age Bands
Early Years (0 to 5)
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