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The Studio School

Our mission statement: ‘To support all students to maximize their potential so that they can develop into hard working and successful young people in whatever career they choose’.

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The Studio School
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The Studio School-Liverpool is a 14-18 mainstream provision. The percentage of students deemed to have special educational needs is currently 34.3% of the school population. We accept a wide range of students with additional needs including those with physical and emotional needs. The attainment and progress of students with SEN is regularly monitored and contact is always made with parents when assessments are needed so we can have a collaborative approach to supporting the students’ academic and social needs.

Arrangements for identification and assessment of SEND pupils Studio try to identify all new SEND students during the initial 1:1 SLT meetings. Application forms are passed over to the SENCO to arrange meetings and to discuss with parents and students their additional needs. This allows us to ensure we can meet the students’ needs. Not all parents disclose their child’s needs but there is another opportunity to identify needs during the enrolment process. The SENDCo is thus able to inform teaching staff of the new SEND students (that we know about) during September Inset - before the students start. Throughout the year, students’ needs are identified using a variety of indicators including CAT tests, regular standardised testing for reading and spelling, school internal progress data, Advisory Teacher and Educational Psychologist assessment, and other screening tools such as Lexia Reading Workshop, Lucid Exact and Irlens

Most of the building is accessible for students who may use a wheelchair. We have lift access and several disabled toilet areas for student use. In addition to this academic access to exam concessions is provided to students who qualify through a vigorous screening programme including provision for students with Vision Impairment, Dyslexia, and emotional needs to ensure all student reach their potential. All students who qualified for access arrangements were supported during the examination period of summer 2019.


Curriculum support is provided by Quality First Teaching in the first instance and two Learning Support Coaches who assist the subject teachers. In addition to this, the Learning Support Coaches led groups of identified students in literacy catch up sessions, 1:1 coaching, destinations, 1:1 SEMH support, Tlevels trials, small group revision sessions for Year 11, access arrangement support (readers, scribers, invigilators for SEN students) and day to day responses to struggling students. For children with emotional needs such as ASC or SEMH they can access the Autism Outreach Service (OSSME), the YPAS Wellbeing Clinics or the Educational Psychologist as appropriate.




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